On Monday morning the first three competitions will take place and the first 3 medals awarded


On the morning of Monday 18th June the 10th European Transplant and Dialysis Sport Championship will start with the Badminton singles competition in the Maracalagonis Municipal gymnasium.

Twenty three athletes will enter the contest, which will start at 8.45 am and end at 1.00 pm using seventh badminton courts.

At the end of the day 21 medals will be awarded: six gold, 6 silver and 9 bronze.

The Badminton doubles tournament will take place the following day.



The first darts tournament will take place in a hall at the Setar Hotel starting at 9.00 am and finishing at 1.00 pm.

Seventy athletes, 60 in the singles competition and 30 in teams of 3 athletes each, will compete for 50 medals: 13 gold, 13 silver and 24 bronze medals.


Mini Marathon

The mini marathon will start at 10 am and end with the awards at 12 pm.

The race will be run at the “Giardinetti” in Monserrato on a 620 meter circuit that competitors will complete 8 times. There will be 42 athletes competing for 24 medals: 8 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze. The medals will be awarded according to age, genre and type of transplant and on degree dialysis.


The Opening Cerimony will start at 4.30 pm at Campo Coni, in Via degli Sport, Cagliari.


Press Office

Paolo Trudu