Opening Ceremony of the European Transplant and Dialysis Sports Championships “Cagliari 2018”

Solidarity, sharing and donation.

For all athletes, this is an important occasion almost a “return to life” as they like to define it, after the shock of the disease and the entry into dialysis or the waiting for a transplant.

For these people, the sport practice is a testimony to how life is worth living in fullness and intensity by continuing to do the usual sport activity or starting a new one and measuring themselves, not only with other patients, but sometimes also with the so-called “able-bodied”.


This is the spirit of the European Transplant and Dialysis Sports Championships scheduled in Cagliari and hinterland from today until Saturday 23 of June.

 The Grand Opening Ceremony is scheduled on Monday June 18th, 2018, Campo Coni in Cagliari, 4.30 p.m.

As for any multidisciplinary sporting event, the event includes a runway show of the entire athletic track by the 25 continental nations present, including, for the first time, a representative of Russia and Kazaksthan.

The “San Giuseppe” Band of Cagliari-Pirri will open the parade, followed by the Folk Group of Monserrato.

The Italian National anthem and the European one will be performed, with all the Teams lined up on the lawn.

Following there will be the interventions of the authorities present, representatives of the Region, the City of Cagliari and CONI on behalf of the sports federations involved to organize the competitions.

The speech by Giuseppe Canu, president of the Local Organizing Committee will precede the greeting of Dr. Alessandro Nanni Costa representing the Ministry of Health and director of the National Transplant Center. Then it will intervene Chris Thomas, president of the World Transplant Games Federation and then Judit Berente, president of the European Transplant and Dialysis Sports Federation.

After her greeting speech, Judit Berente will pronounce the formula for the opening of the X edition of the European Championships of “Cagliari 2018 “.

The ceremony will end after the oath of the athletes of loyalty, fair play and respect for the rules, entrusted to the voice of Walter Uccheddu, world champion and vice European cycling champion in the category of Transplanted


Paolo Trudu